Don’t try it again.

Some enemies of truth, reasons & rational logic” tried to delete and alter the posts of this website (May be Stupid Hired Hackers or Radical Racists with Hacking knowledge), because website exposes the bitter truth that can’t be tolerated by lies, deception, delusions, irrationality, violence & blind-believe promoters those cheat & exploits the followers in the name of God, religion, tradition, custom, culture and heritage for their personal & organized benefits without worrying about their follower’s psychological or mental health. If it will be tried again then whole contains will be copied to many websites which will be out of their reach. What is the reason behind suppressing the truth & declining reasons? If some knaves are given rights to spread absurd & antisocial activities in the name of God and religions for decades, then why it’s not reasonable to spread the truths as freedom of speech & thoughts? Website is not promoting any facts as mandatory acceptance of the facts. Let the people know about the truth and let them think logically to have freedom of choice, i.e. what to follow or not to follow…. Readers are requested to copy the post or print & spread the message to aware people. Don’t try to hack the website again……..

Freedom of religion in India is a fundamental right guaranteed by Article 15 and Article 25 of the Constitution. Since there is no law for censorship in religious scriptures and their activities in our country in other ways Indian constitution gives permissions to promote blind belief, irrationality, lies, deception, delusion, conspiracy for personal and organized benefits, superstitions, exploitation, discrimination, disharmony, miss carriage of information, cheating, animal cruelties, atrocities, fundamentalism, extremism, orthodoxies, radicalism etc. different kind of antisocial evils in the name of religion, tradition, custom, culture, and heritage. The Constitution of India and its hate speech laws aim to prevent discord among its many ethnic and religious communities. The laws allow a citizen to seek the punishment of anyone who shows the citizen, disrespect “on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, caste or community or any other ground whatsoever.” The laws specifically forbid anyone from outraging someone’s “religious feelings.” This is the reason why Indian constitution even indirectly give permissions to promote and support antisocial activities or social evils done in the name God & religion and protects its promoters though they have been involved in many antisocial activities in the name of God and religion. Saying truth and claiming justice against antisocial activities done by religious communes are not crimes; so saying truth according to their mentioned scriptures; if someone’s “religious feelings” is outraged, they must have to proof the truth mentioned & claimed is false; otherwise they are accused of promoting religious crimes and hurting the feelings of the followers & abusing their sentiments. The claimant also will be liable for defamation due to alleging false allegation and condemnation. Section 295 A of IPC stops hate speech but not banning telling the truth. If someone claims intentionally or falsely saying website’s posts are violating or outraging religious feelings then the person must have to prove, claimed facts are false & outraging religious feelings, otherwise person will be liable to promoting religious crimes done in the name of religion and God; It’s because portraying us as Hindu some dishonest promoters feeding our mind with lies, irrationality, blind beliefs, discrimination, disharmony, ignorance and antisocial evils as our Dharma or religion. The claimant will not be only responsible for cheating, abusing & exploiting the present followers in the name of God & religion, but also will be responsible for cheating, abusing and exploiting the follower’s ancestors those even does not exists to these days, as being a promoter of antisocial spiritual motivators those had abused, cheated and had exploited to our ancestors. The religious promoters & irrational blind believer followers those are involved & promoting different kind of antisocial evils relating to God & religions can be even punished under IPC Section 34, Section 141, Section 142, Section 323, Section 351, Section 504, Section 209, Section 211, Section 499, Section 418, Section 292, Section 293, Section 428, Section 429, Rule 3 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Rule 3 of Slaughterhouse Rules, 2001; Section 11(1)(m)(ii) and Section 11(1)(n), PCA Act, 1960.

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